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You know the drill. Anonymous fine, IP logging off, constructive criticism welcomed.
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 "You've reached Officer Roslyn Small at [ number here ]. Please leave a name, number, and reason for calling and I will return your call as soon as possible."
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roslyn has the following powers:

a. rune manipulation. Roslyn can use norse runes to sense / use magic. these runes can either be tattoed on herself or written on the spaces around her and must be ones she already knew from home. these are fairly limited and can all be easily handwaved to not work when necessary since technically they work on magic from her world. specifically she knows already:

a rune to reveal things hidden, i.e. glamors / invisibilities / disguises. only works within about a five foot radius of whatever it's written on.
a rune for binding. written in a circle it can trap anything within the circle unless someone outside of it breaks it. has to be completed while whatever is being captured is within the circle enough for the last rune of the circle to be written.
a protection rune. written on anything it provides a sense of forewarning to its writer within a fifteen foot radius of imminent danger physical or magical. the threat has to come from within that radius or it will not be registered until it crosses the threshold.
billumination. roslyn can create a bright light from herself that can provide clear light to a radius of about twenty feet when necessary. if she learns to control it and harness it will be able to show footprints / fingerprints to police investigators and herself, but only people officially affiliated with law enforcement.

should you need to discuss any of these please let me know! i will always ask before using them against someone.
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NAME: betsy
AGE: 21
JOURNAL: [personal profile] be_themoon
IM / EMAIL: oakashandwillow @ aim / oakashandwillow [at] gmail
PLURK: [personal profile] be_themoon
RETURNING: yes. max gibson | [personal profile] forwardcompatible

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IC contact

Feb. 22nd, 2013 01:15 pm
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 You've reached Chief Inspector Roslyn Small at [number here]. Leave your name, contact details, and intent. I will return your message soon.
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glock 22 rtf2, standard issue for fbi agents
advancements as follows
MISSION 1: can be loaded with more ammunition without having changed physically at all
MISSION 2: the laser sighting is visible only to her. 
MISSION 3: despite the lack of a physical silencer, when necessary shots come at a greatly reduced noise. 
MISSION 4->: from now onwards advances went on in general stages rather than specific moments, seemingly remaining stagnant for a while. currently the gun can only be fired by Roslyn herself and is somewhat responsive to the needs of a specific situation.

CHANGES IN EXSILIUM: (miscellaneous)

Lost and Found, a novella written by an anonymous writer in the ‘70s, was required reading in American classrooms in the 2100s — before then, a cult classic. It’s the story of a woman’s one-night stand with a strange lady and their whirlwind tour of the country on the way to California, along with even stranger companions. The story is available for download, but physical copies are rare.
(Ros and a team spent six months in 1969 while the timeline was all topsy turvy sometime in 2012. This story is about her and the lady she hooked up with temporarily while she was there.)

In terms of personal body, Roslyn has further adjusted the magical tattoos on her body. They should now in theory enable her to be immune to illusions of any kind and surface level mental manipulation as well as provide her awareness of magic being performed in her general area. 


Dec. 24th, 2011 03:06 pm
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kate kane
-> one six-pack of (niceish) beer
chloe -> a bottle of whiskey and a necklace she brought back with her from woodstock.
koltira -> vodka & a book on horticulture because she felt like it. thanks for that time getting her to the clinic, dude.
bariyan -> NO ALCOHOL FOR YOU MISTER but she did get him a warm scarf and a pair of shot glasses
natasha -> a pair of good gloves
eridan -> a small sea shell collection
riku -> a tin of good tea
tony stark -> scotch & a download of this book w/ a card that just says 'it's a good story.' this is legitimately just an inside joke with herself because that book was written about her after her team spent six months in the past. he kept asking about her sex life okay!


kate kane -> she went and found radios with an encrypted channel, one to go with roslyn and one to go with kate while she's out on patrol. so she'll always have back up. also a red scarf.
riku -> a bottle of vitamin c. a sturdy tea set, some good tea meant to help with sleeping. 
eridan -> a good quality chess set with accompanying rulebook.
tony stark -> a thing of very good scotch and a book with mixed drink recipes.
isaac & peter -> a cookbook, some pots, a set of measuring cups. she's concerned about your ability to feed yourselves, kids.
sonya -> 'holy sh*t: a brief history of swearing.' some good coffee.
john watson -> a very warm hat and thing of rum with a note that says 'thank you for listening'.
bariyan -> a kit for cleaning and polishing swords and knives.
stephanie brown -> bath salts that advertise themselves as calming, a tin of tea supposed to help with sleeping, and 'the essential rumi'.
charlie cutter & chloe frazer -> a copy of 'revolution and rebellion in the early modern world '. inside a note: 'thought it would appeal to your sensibilities.'
vanozza cattaneo -> several yards of this fabric.


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